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SPONSORED: How many lives can we change together? Supporting adults to access lifelong learning

13 Sep 2019, 13:44


We understand that choosing the right qualifications to meet the needs of your adult cohort is key to supporting their progress in life, further study and work. At Pearson we have made this simple by providing easy access to the information you need to support your adult learners.

We know that adult learning is more crucial now than ever as our economy is facing extraordinary change: we have an ageing population together with an increased rate of change within job markets due to accelerated technological advancement. Continuing to upskill throughout our lives will be critical to supporting growth at an individual, community and national level.

The government supports adult lifelong learning by funding provision for adults with low prior attainment, lower level provision for the employed and unemployed, and provision for those needing to develop their English and maths, through the Adult Education Budget. The aim is to engage adults and provide the skills and learning they need to equip them for work, an apprenticeship or other learning, and to help them engage in learning, build confidence, and enhance their wellbeing. Government also enables all adults to access Advanced Learner Loans to help people undertake qualifications above level 3 (equivalent to A level).

Engagement in lifelong learning has a positive impact on individuals and on their community

On our dedicated adult funding webpages you can use our simple search function to check if qualifications are eligible for adult funding, download and view our funded qualifications as PDF documents for each sector, and download the full list of our funded qualifications list. You can also access our simple fact sheet on adult funding, find out more about the devolution of the Adult Education Budget, and find out more about our Explorer Courses which have been designed to provide learners with the opportunity to try something new in a vocational sector at level 1. We can help you plan your adult provision and the progression journey of your adult learners.

We know that engagement in lifelong learning has a positive impact on individuals’ health and on their community. It also has a positive impact on individuals’ life chances by supporting them to seek and retain employment, increase earnings, and raise aspirations and job satisfaction. At the same time employers see gains in productivity, accompanied by higher employee commitment and lower labour turnover. At a national level, there are gains in output and employment levels. At Pearson we work to support you to help your adult learners begin the journeys that these learning opportunities can open up to them.

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  1. Is anyone else aware of the cap on Advanced Learner Loans and when this cap was announced? We have recruited more adult learners this year but they are denied loans because we have exceeded our allocation. This means adults are denied opportunities to learn.