A team from Kent police has visited trainee special constables at MidKent college to assess how well they are preparing for their voluntary duties.

The team tested the group of public services students — all training to become volunteer police officers — on their stop-and-search techniques, and vehicle and open ground searches. Among the team of officers was former MidKent student and special constable, Chris Williams, who, like many of the trainees, hopes to become a regular officer.

He said: “I found my time at MidKent really useful as the course gave me a real insight into the police and helped me to decide that it was the career I wanted.

“Being a special constable doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll make it as a regular police officer, but hopefully through training and hard work, that’s what will happen.”

Featured image caption: From left:  Michael Baker, 16, Cheniece Richmond, 17, special constable, Chris Williams, 19, Grace Cook and Matthew Wills, both 17

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