South Birmingham College has invested £2.5million in extensive refurbishment works to improve its facilities for students.

Over the summer three of the Beacon College campuses have been undergoing work in preparation for the start of term in September.

The front entrance of the college in Hall Green is being redesigned so that it will stand out from the road and improve safety by keeping cars and pedestrians away from each other.

Classrooms are being refurbished, the student-run restaurant Karibunis is being extended and the student cafe plans to be improved.

Principal Mike Hopkins said: “We are very lucky that in a time of austerity we have been able to make such a significant capital investment in our estate. These works will improve the students’ experience at the college and will continue to ensure that South Birmingham College is a top choice for people looking to study in the region and beyond.”

Among the many renovations is a new centre on Digbeth High Street that will house fashion and textile courses, providing an additional performing space for students.

At the construction campus in Bordesley Green a new training hub will be opened which will offer courses in the renewable energy and sustainability sectors, such as grey water harvesting and solar cell installation.

The college also plans to redesign and improve Cambrai Gardens, a public area neighbouring the campus later this year.

All of the work is being carried out by local and regional businesses, many of which are employing past and current students from the college.

Paul Morris, Assistant Principal said: “Employing local businesses to do the work has not only kept our costs down but has also meant we are providing work for the community.”

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