A third version of the funding rules for 2012/13 have been published by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA).

It updates version two, published in May, and replaces all of the funding requirements documents that currently exist.

Some of the changes affect the evidence which providers need to submit to the SFA in order to prove that delivery and learning is taking place.

“The Agency requires the Provider to evidence that learning is taking place in relation to the learning aims that are reported in the ILR and recorded in the Learner’s Learning Agreement,” it says.

“This would be done through naturally occurring evidence, such as registers, attendance records, reports and reviews.

“Where the Provider states that Learners are still in learning, but no learning can be evidenced as taking place on any of the learning aims and funding continues to be claimed, the Agency has the right to require the Provider to repay such funding.”

In the new funding rules providers must also detail how long an apprenticeship will be or how often a learner will work on the apprenticeship vacancy website, if it’s advertised as being less than 30 hours a week.

The rules also add minor clarifications to the job outcome payments and innovation code sections.

To download the document click here.

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