The Royal Shakespeare Company tasked creative media students at Stratford-upon-Avon College to film trailers for their upcoming productions as part of their coursework.

Students on the college’s level three creative media course made promos for an upcoming RSC production, pitching their artistic visions to the RSC’s marketing team in a Dragon’s Den-style presentation before getting the go-ahead to film.

Kris Vankay (pictured left), a senior video technician at the RSC, supported the students during the two-week process, advising them on how best to present their ideas.

Mr Vankay also acted as a judge at the premiere screening of the finished trailers, handing out awards to the students in categories including ‘best original idea’, ‘best lighting’, ‘best cinematography’ and ‘best overall trailer’.

“These are the next generation of creative people and we should support them in any way we can,” he said. “It’s great for us to know that there’s some serious young talent coming through locally and, likewise, I think it’s really important that the students know that there are creative companies and opportunities on their door step.”

WATCH: The student trailers

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