Revealed: Apprenticeship training providers paid biggest slice of levy funds

The Education and Skills Funding Agency has for the first time revealed the training providers that have been paid funding from apprenticeship levy funded employers.

The data, for the 12-month 2018/19 academic year, shows Lifetime Training at the top after it was paid a whopping £51.5 million – almost double the next closest provider QA Limited on £26 million.

In third was the British Army on £21.37 million, closely followed by Babcock Training on £21.3 million, and then Kaplan Financial in fifth on £20.8 million.

The college with the largest amount of levy-funding in 2018/19 was The Sheffield College with £3.8 million – which places it in 28th place overall.

The total amount of levy funding handed out in that year was £876,390,234, shared between 1,366 training providers. The average levy funding per provider was £641,574.

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  1. Giles Shaw

    I hope the EFSA are auditing those employer providers to ensure they are only claiming eligible costs. BT for example have drawn just under £10m from their levy for 3,000 starts in 18/19 – nearly all immediate apprenticeships. Even accounting for the lengths of apprenticeships, seems a lot of money when only direct costs of the programme should be claimed.

  2. what do you mean by “handed out” ? Please stop the tabloid muckraking (words like “whopping”) and assuming poor practice and only valuing bad news – it’s almost like you enjoy devaluing the sector – perhaps you forget you are affecting real people both learners, employees and employers most of whom are doing good work. A few are not so stop judging the rest of us when you are not in the position to do so.