Bishop Burton College is celebrating the first-ever litter of racoon dogs to be born at the campus.

Resident racoon dogs Ralph and Lauren welcomed the arrival of quintuplets – three female and two male pups – the first time a litter of the canid species has been born at the college.

Proud dad Ralph

Originally from East Asia, racoon dogs mate for life, and Ralph and Lauren have now been together for just over three years.

The pair first joined the college in August last year, after being donated by East Park animal unit courtesy of Hull City Council.

“While this is not Ralph and Lauren’s first litter, it is the first time they’ve given birth while living on campus. They are very friendly animals but have been incredibly protective over their pups since they were born a little over three weeks ago,” said Clare Reed, an animal curator at the college,

“In the last week, mum and dad have felt comfortable enough for us to meet them and check them out. We’re pleased to report all five pups are healthy and growing well – we now just need to name them.”

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