Jobs are getting thinner on the ground in FE as colleges across the country are making redundancies. Yet, no matter what sector you work in there is a limitless amount of generic information out there on how to further or even protect your career.

The obvious advice can often be overlooked but it’s often the best place to start. Look at your job role and ensure you cover every aspect of your post to the best of your ability; once this has been achieved you can begin to focus on the areas you are most interested in and prove to your boss that you have the ability to expand your responsibilities. In most situations you need to actively increase your workload in order to highlight your ambitions to your colleagues. This not only demonstrates your skills but it shows your commitment towards the role.

In order to further your career look at the resources available to you; more often than not training courses are on your doorstep. In many other careers trying to persuade an employer that a new course will enhance your skills is a long drawn out process but you are working in an environment where research and training is the main aim! Talk to your HR manager and discuss what opportunities are available to you; this will not only enhance your CV but give you the chance to develop in an area you are most passionate about.

Working in further education will open your eyes to a vast range of jobs; whether you want to advance your career in administration, project management or teaching the opportunities are there. Within this environment you will quickly start to relate to the ambitious atmosphere and motivation becomes second nature.

Talk to your HR manager and discuss what opportunities are available to you”

During the recession many part-time and contract employees found their jobs at risk. This is unfortunate because due to the competitive nature of this work many candidates found themselves in these roles and struggled to land a more permanent role.

This can be a positive position to be in though; you have access to the same resources and benefits as well as the flexibility to train part-time or in some instances work overtime to really prove your commitment.

Lee Biggins is Managing Director of CV-Library

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