North Lindsey College welcomed visitors from Canada as part of an exchange programme.

Khiara Remedios G Albaran and Jessica Gariba are both studying childcare, while Ashley Arruda and Marcy D’Atri are doing sport and recreation.

Jenny Quianzon, professor in early childhood education, is accompanying them for the visit from Centennial College, in Toronto. During their stay, the visitors will be spending time in the curriculum, including taking a certified course Award in Substance Misuse Awareness, visiting off-site locations, and participating in social activities with their English peers.

Ashley was particularly keen to participate as she had been a student ambassador when the group from North Lindsey College visited Toronto last October.

She said: “We are incredibly grateful for this experience and to everyone at North Lindsey for making us so welcome and planning so many great activities.”

Wayne Dewick, associate director of Learner Services, took part in the college’s visit to Toronto.

He said: “We had such a great time with them in Toronto last October and are delighted to host them for this return visit.”

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