Dozens of migrants have successfully completed English language tests at a college.

Around 50 learners, with family and friends, attended a special ceremony at the Newham College’s East Ham campus to receive English for Speakers of Other Languages certificates.

The classes were attended by migrants from Asia, Africa and South America.

One course graduate, Subashini Garisan (27), who came from Sri Lanka over a year ago and now lives in East Ham said: “When I came to the UK, I did not know any English. I couldn’t even answer the phone. It was like being a new born baby. Now, I feel I can speak English to people.

“I am doing voluntary work and I’m looking for a job. I feel very happy about the opportunity the course gave to me.”

Course manager Beverly Cook said: “For many, one of the biggest impacts is confidence.

“Before the course, most learners needed someone else to translate for them. The classes have enabled them to use English on their own to do normal tasks, like go to their doctor or buy a train ticket.”

The college offered 15 different classes for the learners who spent one day a week for 17 weeks studying English at various levels.

Tutors took learners out of the classroom and encouraged them to carry out everyday activities such as visiting a museum or shopping on the high street.

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