In collaboration with renowned French video game designer Eric Chahi, New College Nottingham’s (ncn) head chef Tom Edwards and the College’s Hospitality and Catering staff and students have pushed culinary boundaries, designing and implementing a five-course menu to rival Heston Blumenthal‘s creations.

My Dinner with Eric, part of Nottingham’s annual GameCity videogame festival and held at ncn’s training restaurant, presented a multi-sensory evening which surprised diners and tantalised their taste buds through combining touch, taste, sight, and smell.

The event also showcased the skills of ncn Technical Theatre students who designed and set up the lighting.

GameCity Director Iain Simons said: “Like most kids, I remember being told not to play with my food. Eric and Tom are now bringing something totally unique to the table, literally, and its time to ignore that rule.”

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