Questions have been raised over apprenticeships offered by a fast-food chain.

Dudley MP Ian Austin is demanding answers after it emerged that Subway are offering £2.60 per hour for a role as a ‘sandwich artist’ in the Black Country.

Mr Austin said the job was advertised by Job Centre Plus and an identical job in Dudley was advertised earlier this month. He has asked the National Apprenticeship Service to investigate.

Although the MP has this week put questions to government over the issue, it was first picked up by FE Week reporter Nick Summers, who wrote about Subway apprenticeships in Tyne and Wear, Devon and Dorset last month.

Mr Austin said: “I want to see every youngster in full-time education or proper training and I want to see more apprenticeships. I learnt loads as a teenager working at McDonald’s in Dudley High Street, but this looks really dodgy to me.

“Schemes must give apprentices the skills and experience they need to advance their careers and they have to have proper training. They call it an apprenticeship but there doesn’t seem to be much training and it says it’s permanent.

“I’ve asked the National Apprenticeship Service to look into the apprenticeships Subway are offering to see if they are genuine apprenticeships or simply a means to pay young staff below the minimum wage.”

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  1. lindsay mccurdy

    Lets look at the framework and glh and how and what training is delivered, to see if this is inhouse training which would have taken place for anyone going to work in subway, would a person going into employment with subway receive the same training as the apprentice or what would the apprentice receive in addition to make it a true apprenticeship.

  2. Working for less than minimum wage is not the issue as you are paid in education as well as cash. However. Sandwich making is not a true skill. If subway was a traditional delicatessen I could see why they should be allowed apprentices. But as far as I know. Subway makes bugger all on site. You’d come out at the end not even knowing how to peel and chop an onion let alone knowing how to hold a knife.