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Rachael Charmbury, Director of business and community development, Craven College

Start date: September 2020

Previous job: Chief executive, Charmbury Consulting

Interesting fact: She met her husband at 5am while competing with him on a road rally.

Ellen Thinessen, Chair, North East Local Enterprise Partnership’s Skills Advisory Panel

Start date: November 2020

Concurrent job: Chief executive, Education Partnership North East

Interesting fact: Before moving into education she was a coronary care nurse

Steve Stanley, Director of evaluation and impact, Access Creative College

Start date: October 2020

Previous job: Her Majesty’s Inspector, Ofsted

Interesting fact: He once accompanied, on guitar, a performance of a ballet on stilts on national children’s TV

Paul Quigley, Chair, Highbury College Portsmouth

Start date: November 2020

Concurrent job: Business coach, Woodstock Consultants

Interesting fact: He was also the business development manager at a company which manufactures kit cars

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