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Sue Sturgeon, Chair, Activate Learning

Start date: August 2020

Previous job: Managing director, Guildford Borough Council

Interesting fact: She enjoys motorbike adventure touring on the back of her partner’s BMW

Ian Wiggans, Operations director, Skillnet Limited

Start date: August 2020

Previous job: Operations and programme director, TotalMobile

Interesting fact: He lived in Canada for three years and enjoyed a range of hobbies including snowmobiling and wakeboarding

James Scott, Principal, Trafford College Group

Start date: August 2020

Previous job: Vice principal, Trafford College Group; Campus principal, Stockport College

Interesting fact: He still raves in Ibiza every year – except for this year

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  1. Interesting when you look at the movers and shakers editions 319 to 327 that they are almost uniformly white, middle age and as about as far removed from the people they are delivering for as is possible. The lack of diversity in the sector is one of the issues that the sector has to address if it is to be seen as a modern entity