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Your weekly guide to who’s new and who’s leaving.

Colin Davey, Performing & Production Arts Subject Leader, Plymouth College of Art Pre-Degree Campus.

  • Start date: January 2019
  • Previous job: Performing Arts Lecturer & Play It Again Theatre Company Actor & Workshop Facilitator, Exeter College
  • Interesting fact: Colin was born with a vocal defect that meant he couldn’t speak until after undergoing surgery and speech therapy, aged five. Now as an adult Colin specialises as a vocal coach.

Simon Ashworth, Future Ready Skills Commissioner, West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

  • Start date: January 2019
  • Also works as: Chief Policy Officer, AELP
  • Interesting fact: Last year, he led a UK delegation to share best practice and create new commercial partnerships around apprenticeships in the USA.

Dr Philip Wright, Director General, Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).

  • Start date: March 2019
  • Previous Job: Chief Executive Officer, Textile Services Association (TSA)
  • Interesting fact:  Philip trained as a Marine Biologist studying seaweed in the UK and USA.

Richard Brennan, Assistant Principal – Curriculum, Walsall College

  • Start date: December 2018
  • Previous job: Assistant Principal – Curriculum, Warwickshire College Group
  • Interesting Fact: The first band he was in was called “The Great Naked Guitar Scandal” and he was the guitarist.

David Turner, Assistant Principal – Quality and HE, Walsall College

  • Start Date: October 2018
  • Previous Job: Director of Quality and HE, Walsall College
  • Interesting Fact: David exhibits collections of his photos at regional galleries and events.

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