More than a tenth of the staff at the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) will soon be made up by apprentices.

The organisation has hired nine new apprentices to join three existing learners at the company.

LSIS will soon be offering an additional two apprenticeships to make a grand total of 14 out of 130 staff.

Rob Wye, chief executive of LSIS said: “As an organisation better committed with driving improvement through the Further Education and Skills sector, we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to supporting apprenticeships – and what better way to do it than to employ apprentices ourselves.

“As huge numbers of young people are unemployed we are proud to be able to provide opportunities to learn on the job, to earn a competitive wage and to attend college on day release to study for a relevant, vocational qualification such as an NVQ.”

LSIS is a national organisation, based in Coventry, which employs apprentices in a number of divisions including IT, marketing and communications, finance and human resources.

Lizzie Stubbington, an apprentice in the LSIS Skills for Life and Employment team, left university in her first year because she felt she would learn more working ‘on the job’.

“I carefully considered my options before leaving university and decided an apprenticeship would be best for me. I feel at home in a working environment and I don’t feel like an apprentice, I feel like a member of staff,” Lizzie said.

The announcement forms part of the fifth annual National Apprenticeship Week, led by the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS).

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