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Live updates: A-level results day 2013

Pictures and messages from colleges across England, celebrating A-level results day.

Students congratulate each other at Selby College
Thumbs up at Farnborough College of Technology
Jasmine Oladimeji’s looking pleased with her results at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College
Jumping for joy at Macclesfield College
Barnsley Sixth Form College students looking happy with their results
Celebrations are in order at Salford City College

Burton and South Derbyshire College students after opening their results
Richard Huish College students with their results
Daniel Cook, 19, bares his heart for us after getting an A in maths, and Bs in chemistry, biology and physics. He is going to study medicine at Newcastle University
Joanna Elmore , 23, from Selsdon achieved three As in history, politics and English literature and an A* in sociology. She said: “The teachers here were amazing. I received lots of support and am now excited to see what the future holds”. Joanna’s mother, after giving her daughter a big hug, said: “I am so proud of all of her hard work, the great education she has received here means that she can go on to study English literature at university.” 

Who needs to keep their feet on the ground when they’ve got results like the ones these students from Trafford College have?
Priestley College students wave their A levels goodbye
Stockton Riverside College Bede Sixth Form student Lizzie Carr rejoices with her dad

Stockton Riverside student Lizzie Carr, 18, (pictured above) gained the results she needed to study physics at Oxford University. The 18-year-old from Norton achieved two A*s and an A grade in maths, further maths and physics.

She said: “I felt so sick earlier on this morning before I got my results, but now I’m just over the moon. It’s such a relief – but I’m so happy as well. I’m really looking forward to studying physics at degree level – it sounds a bit nerdy, but that’s what I’m most looking forward to. Afterwards, I’d love to stay in academia and do research.”

Lizzie’s results are even more remarkable, because she missed two months of school after being diagnosed with Adolescent idiopathic Scoliosis – a painful curvature of the spine, when she was 13, which meant she struggled to walk or stand and had to have an operation when she was 14.

“I’m so excited about going to university – I cannot wait,” she said.

Newcastle-under-Lyme College students celebrating the 138 As and A*s handed out to them and their classmates
South Cheshire College students with their results
Friends at City of Bristol College celebrating together
More jumping for joy, this time from students at West Nottinghamshire College.
Chichester College student Courtney Buckler said she was really proud of her A in musical theatre, and Bs in psychology and law after a tough year. She is off to Exeter University to study law


ncn learner Jade Clarke, 19, looking pretty ecstatic

ncn student Jade Clarke, 19,(pictured above) got A*AA for English Language, Geography and Psychology respectively and is off to Bristol University to study Geography

She said: “I’m ecstatic to have got the results that I did as well as shocked as I wasn’t expecting to do so well! Studying at ncn has been a brilliant experience full of opportunities, as I was able to get involved in a lot of extracurricular activities. It’s also made me really passionate about the subjects and I have created my own blog www.jadesgeographyhub.co.uk – I can’t wait to add to this when I go to university.”


Warwickshire College students Kurt Shead and Jade Hartwell

Warwickshire College students Kurt Shead and Jade Hartwell (pictured above) were delighted with their results.

Kurt Shead 21, from Kenilworth, achieved an A* in law and As in English literature and history. He said, “I’m really happy to have got my place at Warwick University to study English literature. I’m a writer, so it’s the place to be.”

Jade Hartwell, 20, from Rugby achieved a stunning 3 A*s in physics, Maths and History and is off to Nottingham University to study physics. “I want to go on to do research and was hoping for one A* but 3 is fantastic. I couldn’t have done it without the support from the college.”

Weston College students Desi Georgieva, 19, and Catherine Malcolm, 18

The early bird caught the worm at Weston College.

Friends Desi Georgieva, 19, and Catherine Malcolm, 18, (pictured above) were among the first to get their results this morning and screamed with delight as they opened their envelopes.

Desi, who came to Britain from Bulgaria seven years ago, achieved an A, three Bs and a C, and is now off to the University of Bath to study International Management and Modern Languages.

She said: “I feel amazing. This is such a good day for me and I can’t believe I’ve finally got the results I wanted.”

Catherine, of St George’s, got an A in Religion and will be taking up a place at Bristol University to study Religion and Theology.


Bournemouth and Pool College students having a well-earned rest after all their hard work


Central Sussex College students reaching for the stars with their results
Nelson and Colne Sixth Form students looking very pleased with their results

Birmingham Metropolitan College student Belasim Moosavi is off to Cambridge in September

For one Birmingham Metropolitan College student, brilliant A level results meant the start of a whole new career.

Former mental health worker, Belasim Moosavi (pictured above) is aiming to pursue a career in scientific research after gaining a place at Cambridge University to study natural sciences.

“The college has made all this possible for me,” said the 32-year-old who achieved three As in biology, chemistry and maths. 

“My interest in science grew from my studying GCSEs in evening classes at the Sutton Campus.  This led to A levels and the suggestion that I apply to Cambridge. 

“It was challenging being a mature learner studying among 16 to 19-year-olds but there was lots of support from BMET and their careers service. I’m really pleased with my results.” 

Haringey Sixth Form Centre students were delighted with their results
Loughborough College students jump for joy
Daniel Docherty, Arif Valji and Jia Jun Liu


From left: Esher College students Hamish Forbes, Monica Oluwole, Tegan Jones, Ben Platt, Matt Hollands, Dominic Luck, Hannah Brandon and Simon Marshall

All the hard work has pair off for students from Esher College (pictured above).

Ben Platt who achieved four A* grades in biology, history, German and Spanish, said: “I am really pleased with my grades. Thanks to my teachers, especially the Language department, for helping me realise my goal of studying German and Spanish at St Catherine’s College, Cambridge. I’m really looking forward to starting the course in October.”

Monica Oluwole who achieved an A* and two B’s at A Level said: “Words can’t describe how excited I am to begin university in September; two years of hard work and determination have paid off!” Monica is going to study Law at Southampton University.

Simon Marshall who achieved an A* and two A grades said: “I’m so pleased with the grades I got. It was a big relief to have them, as I was getting really nervous over the past few weeks. I’m very grateful to my teachers as well, their supportiveness made all the difference.”
Simon is taking a gap year, and will then apply for a politics degree starting in September 2014.

Matt Hollands who achieved four A* grades in maths, further maths, chemistry and physics said, “I’m relieved to have achieved the grades I did. I will be studying engineering at Cambridge next year. Thanks to all the teachers and staff who have supported me at Esher.”


Northallerton College student Tom Rogers

Tom Rogers, 18, from Northallerton College, (pictured above) achieved three A*s and one A grade in applied IT double award, English and psychology despite being confined to a wheelchair with mobility limiting cerebral palsy.

Tom, who requires full time care, is now set to take up a place at Northumbria University to study psychology and hopes to become a forensic psychologist.

“I am absolutely elated with my results,” he said.

“Because I lack certain practical skills academia is very important to me as it’s an area where I feel I have the most to give.

“I’ve enjoyed a fantastic experience at Northallerton College and am really looking forward to moving on to university.”

A family affair: brothers Gary and Thomas Woodcock who achieved identical grades in the same subjects A in English literature, English language, and film studies and B in media studies
Wakefield College student Carrie Battram, who got A* in law, A in film studies and B in media studies
Burnley College A level students spell it out for us
Oaklands College students who all studied intensive maths (AS and A2 in one year) and have all got into their first choice universities. From left, Louise Townsend, Lana Merritt and clever clogs George Milleret who got an impressive 98 per cent
Black Country University Technical College students from left: Robert Baylis, 19, Will Haynes, Joe Symonds, and Rose Wilkins, all 18.

Northallerton College student Robert Chandler celebrates three A grades

From left: Northallerton College students Sophie McArthur, Ellie Coleman and Zack Murfitt

From left: Northallerton College students Stephanie Bell, Amy Craven, Sophie Banks and Lois Ancell