Government considering apprenticeships at level 6 and 7

The government says they are “looking” at introducing apprenticeships at level 6 and 7.

A source from Number 10 said the new levels would widen access routes into specific trades such as construction, advanced engineering and financial services.

“Economic flexibility and social progress depends on there being a choice of excellent academic courses and strong vocational education, which is why we are creating proper pathways for both,” a source at Number 10 said.

“These new apprenticeships will help more young people to receive on the job training at top companies ensuring that the vocational route is a highway to success, not a cul-de-sac.”

Higher apprenticeships currently support learners up to level 5.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) will be announcing the second round of approved higher apprenticeships later this week.

“For every £1 we spend on apprenticeships it’s estimated that the economy gains £18,” a source at Number 10 said.

“That’s why businesses have told us we need to go further in encouraging apprenticeships to the highest level.

“We’re listening to those concerns and acting upon them.”

The National Apprenticeship Service will consult with key stakeholders and draw up specifications for qualifications which could available from the next academic year.

A spokesperson for the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) said: “This sends a strong signal that the government is serious about building alternative progressions routes other than academic which follow a mostly vocational path.

“The indications are that ministers have been encouraged by the response from some big name employers to the higher apprenticeship initiative and they want to build on it.”

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  1. Stephanie

    At last we may develop a system at least as good as the German one, where any craftsman you hire has been properly accredited and not just set up on the strength of a bit of diy! The only wonder is why it’s taken so long for them to be “looking” at it – I really hope this goes ahead.