A local college is helping five young Bolton mums to balance home life and career development.

Bethany Sutton, 18, Samantha Norris and Natalie Davies, both 19, and Amy Mason and Chelsea Stringfellow, both 20, are all enrolled on courses with Bury College.

Their studies include work at Bolton’s Rosehill Nursery — where their children are cared for.

They have all completed qualifications in children and young people’s workforce and creative crafts, and have now moved up qualification levels.

They study for one day a week with their Bury tutor and do three days a week work experience at the nursery.

Samantha said: “I found juggling work and a young child hard; however, it was rewarding to receive my certificates.

“Being around other young parents is good because they can relate to how I am feeling.

“I’m looking forward to completing level three and going on to university as I would like to be a primary school teacher.”

Featured image caption: Back, from left: Samantha and Lacey Norris, 2; Natalie Davies and Caysey Brooks, 2; and Amy and Olivia Mason, 3 (centre). Front, from left: Bethany Sutton and Grace Bowling, 1; and Chelsea and Lyla Stringfellow, 2

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