Labour party leader Ed Miliband used a visit to Harlow College to call for the creation of more apprentices.

Mr Miliband said: “Britain needs more apprentices. Any contract that government is awarding to a major employer should be on the condition that they provide apprenticeships.

“It’s a simple, basic thing. But, frankly you’re not being a good citizen as a business…you’re not being a good business, if you think you can get a government contract and not provide apprenticeships, not help train the next generation. You’ve got to show your responsibilities.”

Mr Miliband also enjoyed a short tour of the college, escorted by apprentice student Michael Travers, and full-time catering student, Georgina Georgio. He visited the college’s hairdressing and beauty department and then went on to visit students in the science laboratories.

Mr Miliband’s visit concluded with a Q&A session. His audience was made-up of Harlow College students and staff, local business people and community leaders.

Ben Murray (21) an engineering apprentice introduced Mr Miliband to the audience. Ben said: “I was pleased to be asked to do this, you have to take these opportunities when they come.”

As Mr Miliband took the floor, he said; “Thank you for having us. This is a fantastic college.”

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