Integrated degree in digital solutions apprenticeship gets stay of execution as wider review gets under way

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The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education is delaying its decision on whether to remove the integrated degree from the popular digital solutions apprenticeship as it launches a wider review of its mandated qualifications policy.

A review into the level 6 digital and technology solutions professional (DTSP) standard was first launched two years ago and will decide whether or not to remove the degree from the apprenticeship.

But the quango said today it is postponing the decision and will now conduct a “broader review of policy on degree apprenticeships” at level 6.

In a statement the IfATE said: “We are listening to employers and taking time to review plans for an updated DTSP apprenticeship. We will conduct a broader review of policy on degree apprenticeships and take a look again at the DTSP standard in light of the review.  

“Students can continue to start on the existing DTSP apprenticeship and degree apprenticeships at level 6 will continue to play an important role in the overall programme.”

They added: “We are listening and taking the time to consider all of the different points of view here. We did not want to make a decision without doing that.”

There are 39 apprenticeship standards with an integrated degree which are currently available for delivery at the moment.

The DTSP is very popular with universities and has had 5,219 starts so far with a maximum funding cap of £25,000 each.

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