Students ate a pig’s head, devoured an octopus and handled a tarantula when Canterbury College held a series of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here-style challenges to raise more than £1,000 for Children In Need.

Eleven brave students tried weird and wonderful dishes cooked by the catering department, including pig’s tongue, frogs’ legs, lumpfish roe and Bourgogne snails.

A crowd of nearly 200 students gathered to see if the contestants could stomach all nine courses. All but two finished — although none came back for seconds.

But students’ union president Harry Fox, 18, was up for more. After the last course he volunteered to eat a pig’s eyeball for more money. The crowd handed over the cash — and Harry took several minutes to swallow the delicacy.

Catering tutor Fodos Skordi prepared the dishes. “The students may have found it disgusting but in other countries what we served is gourmet food,” he said.

Seven staff and students then handled some of the animal care department’s creepiest critters for another challenge.

They plunged their hands into a tank of meal worms, held hissing cockroaches, got up close and personal with a palm snake, and let a Chilean tarantula crawl over them.

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