A new human resources T Level has been pulled from the flagship qualifications’ rollout after no awarding organisations could be found to develop it.

An update from the Education and Skills Funding Agency today revealed development work had ceased on the T Level as of this month.

“We were not able to award the contract for the development of this T Level to an awarding organisation during the recent wave four procurement exercise,” it said.

The agency added that it cannot commit to a date when work on the human resources T Level, which was due to be rolled out in September 2023, might start again.

The qualification has now been removed as an option for 2023, meaning the number of T Levels has dropped to 23.

“We will publish an update when there is more information on this T Level in the future,” the agency promises.


T Level had already been delayed

This is yet another blow to the human resources T Level, which was rescheduled from a 2022 rollout just last July, along with the legal T Level.

The cultural, heritage and visitor attractions T Level was the last to be removed, which also happened last July, due to there being “insufficient employer demand” for a new technical qualification in that field.

Rollout of T Levels began last September with three qualifications in the first wave: digital, construction and education and childcare.

In September 2021, a further seven will start being taught in classrooms; while an extra six will rollout in 2022.

2023 is set to a big milestone in the rollout, with a further seven qualifications being introduced and providers at Ofsted grade three and four being allowed to start delivery, though only of the digital, construction, education and health and science T Levels for the first year.

The remaining new T Levels being delivered from 2023 are legal services; hair, beauty and aesthetics; craft and design; media, broadcast and production; catering; animal care and management; and agriculture, land management and production.

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  1. T-Levels sounds more like YTS (Youth Training Scheme) which back in the day was rubbish. I was on a YTS Scheme and got bullied, picked on by other trainees and had a glass Jar Whacked over my head on a Coach Trip I was told to go on or else I would not be paid the Trainee Allowance of £25. I have been the Victim of Physical Crime on the YTS and up to now I still have not received any compensation which I am still entitled to as I was attacked. People going on to these T-level Courses are going to have behavioural problems and these should be assessed first before the start of any t-level course. If I owned a business and someone came to me with a CV that and it stated they had T-levels then would not take on that employee as there is a possibility they could have behavioural problems.