Kind hearted students helped to raise money and awareness with a string of events for an important cause.

Hereward College took part in Anti-Bullying Week, with their Peer Support Team (PST), a group of students who help and support new students at the college, raising concerns about negative use of language in the college and wider community.

They were aided by Cyntia G Laycy, assistant educational psychologist, youth worker Rachel Brindley, mentor Dayna Donnelly and counsellor Linda Allden-West.

Events included a petition on a notice board to share thoughts on bullying and making T-shirts with messages against topic.

“I enjoyed it and it taught me a lot,” said Steph Merrison, a member of the PST.

And if these weren’t enough, the PST organised a sponsored walk to help raise funds for Childline, a charity which helps the most vulnerable children in society.

The walk took place at the Memorial Park, in Coventry, raising more than £265.

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