Delegates from the Ghanaian Ministry of Education and National Teaching Council visited New City College’s Hackney campus to learn more about vocational education.

The visit was organised by the British Council to aid the Ghanaian government in their drive to develop technical and vocational education in the country.

As part of the trip, the guests toured the campus, observed carpentry and hospitality training sessions, and took part in a round table with college managers, where they discussed how staff were recruited and trained, and the benefit of vocational training to students.

“We were delighted to welcome our visitors to the campus, and to share our experiences with the key people who will be able to impact the development of skills training and education in Ghana,” said Richard Surtees, New City College’s director of international.

“We were impressed with what we have seen and hope that through this visit we can improve technical and vocational educational training in Ghana,” added
Enoch Cobbinah, the director of Ghana’s Ministry of Education.

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