When I wrote my last general election supplement in 2015, I never thought I’d be doing another over two years. But that’s the world we live in now, so here we go again.

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Education is once again a key issue on the campaign trail and in these 20 pages, we aim to bring you all the pledges from the three main English political parties, along with stacks of news, analysis and reaction.

On page three, we take a look at what the party leaders have been up to during school and college visits across England. Pages four and five set out Labour’s plans for schools and skills, and include an article from Angela Rayner, the woman who would be education secretary in a Jeremy Corbyn government.

On page six, we present FE Week’s analysis of Labour’s policies and the outcome of a readers’ survey on the manifesto, while page seven has the FE sector’s reaction to Corbyn’s plan for skills.

Pages eight and nine have all the details of the Conservatives’ education manifesto, but we’re afraid we can’t bring you an article from Justine Greening, the education secretary because our repeated requests were ignored.

On pages 12 and 13, you can read the analysis of the schools and FE components of the Tory manifesto, then pages 14 and 15 set out what the Liberal Democrats would do in the unlikely event that they win power on June 8.

Pages 16 and 17 are where you can read the results of FE Week’s survey of its readers on both manifestos and hear from the paper’s editor Nick Linford. There’s also details of what the sector organisations want for education.

And finally, on pages 18 and 19, you can read more expert reaction and analysis from the schools sector, including a little something from FE Week editor Laura McInerney.


Freddie Whittaker, Political Reporter | FE Week

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  1. Free this free that, reverse the previous Labour government policy University fees, Brown report implemented by tories but was commissioned by Labour. What will be free? Bridge, dance class or will it be skills? No change there. Bring back EMA o dear it was a Labour policy to remove EMA when RPA come in, implement by Tories started by Labour. How will this be funded with only taxing the rich and increase in corporation tax. How are all the other freebies going to paid for? This policy goes back 40years, may as well remove incorporation, FE is back with the Local Authority. Sorry it appears to be all Greek (financial policy) to me and a lack of numeracy skills to balance the books