Trainee bodyguards in London were able to keep a close eye on an MP when she dropped in to find out more about their classes.

The learners studying close protection at Free2Learn in Hackney were visited by local Labour MP and shadow minister Diane Abbott.

Free2Learn offers training in security, retail and hospitality free to those on job seeker’s allowance to help them get back into work.

Learner Mohammed Rouf, 31, had never considered more study before finding out about Free2Learn.

He said: “I know now I need to study more, because experience is important, but skills are what people want.”

Like many Free2Learn candidates, Christopher Newton, 38, was referred through Job Centre Plus after leaving the military.

He said: “They looked at my CV and they saw what I’d done and they saw my potential. I’m learning so much, and I want to learn more.”

Ms Abbott said: “It’s been very interesting. With this kind of training people worry about churn, people hopping from one course to another, but here they seem to be getting people into jobs. I will definitely be following what they do in the future.”

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