Foundation invites bids to support traineeship delivery

The Education and Training Foundation has called for organisations to bid to develop support programmes for providers delivering traineeships.

The sector self-improvement body said providers were keen to get support in promoting traineeships to learners and employers, securing work placements, providing accurate initial assessment and support for learners.

The foundation also said providers were looking for support in delivering the employability elements of the programme.

Jenny Williams, director vocational education and training at the foundation, said: “Through the initial consultation which enabled us to move from the FE Guild to the Education and Training Foundation, and through additional research for this programme, providers have been clear that support with traineeships was an immediate need.

“We must make sure that we respond to what providers have told us about the support they want to ensure the success of the traineeship programme.”

According to a statement from the foundation, the traineeships support programme would have four strands, including improving teaching quality in maths, English and employability skills, supporting providers to engage with employers, focussing on work with SMEs.

There would also be strands working on ensuring appropriate enrolment and improving provision for vulnerable learners.

Ms Williams said: “Whoever works with us in developing and delivering this programme will need to have a thorough understanding of the sector and the features of good vocational education and training, and share our commitment to improving learning opportunities and outcomes for all learners.”

The foundation’s first round of competitive bidding was announced two weeks ago, and included invitations to tender to enable the foundation to progress in reviewing professional standards for teachers and trainers in England and to assist with a workforce survey.

At the beginning of the month, the foundation announced that all tenders received under its previous non-competitive system would be binned, in order to ensure the foundation was an “open and transparent” organisation, according to interim foundation chief executive Peter Davies.

More information on the invitation to tender to develop this programme can be found at

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