Former Tory policy chief to advise Gavin Williamson at DfE

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Former Conservative Party researcher and policy chief Innes Taylor has been appointed as a special adviser at the Department for Education.

FE Week’s sister paper FE Week understands that Taylor has replaced Katharine Howell, Gavin Williamson’s former policy SpAd, who moved to Downing Street last month following the election.

According to her LinkedIn, Taylor was head of policy at Conservative Central Headquarters from June last year until earlier this month, and previously served the party as a political adviser.

She was previously a researcher for the Scottish Conservatives, and also worked for Scottish not-for-profit Carr Gomm and law firm Brodies LLP.

The DfE is yet to confirm who will replace Williamson’s former media SpAd, Richard Holden, who is now a Conservative MP.

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  1. David Russell

    Ummm….. Innes is a Scottish male name. (It’s an Anglicisation of the Gaelic name Aonghas, which is more commonly Anglicised as Angus.)

    I think you are possibly be using the wrong pronoun, folks? Though I may be wrong, of course…