Young apprentice chefs from Bournemouth & Poole College cooked up a colossal fish 6ft long and 2ft wide on Wednesday.

The team had 24 hours to prepare the dish along with some 3ft long chips and a giant plant pot holding mushy peas.

The fish was created at the college by joining 45 pieces of coley together with a special edible glue, before it was then battered and fried in a giant industrial fryer.

The team, led by apprentice chef manager Barry Dawson and colleague Gary Kilminster, were competing in a TV show called “The Monster Munchies” presented by Matt Dawson and set to be broadcast later this year.

It’s been said that the college team has been plotting how to produce the colossal fish and chip dish for weeks.

Holidaymakers, shoppers and Dorset locals were able to try the super sized meal in Bournemouth Square – complete with classic condiments such as salt, vinegar and ketchup.

Previous episodes of “The Monster Munchies” has produced pork pies the size of a small car, Welsh Rarebit in the shape of Wales and giant cream teas.

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