Students learned about the career journeys of female staff at Bradford College during an “empowering women” event.

Speakers included college governors, senior leaders and teaching staff, who shared the challenges they faced in their careers, and how they overcame them.

The college’s assistant principal Anita Lall shared her story of not being able to speak English when she started school, and how she excelled and went on to research childhood cancers before pursuing her teaching career.

Learners also heard from the college’s chair of governors, Cath Orange, who spoke about her work in the engineering industry. Fellow governor June Durrant explained that despite her struggles with dyslexia, she had a 31 year career in FE, holding a number of senior roles.

“Only you can limit yourself,” said social work lecturer Waheeda Azam during her moment in the spotlight. “You might have to take an alternative route but you will get there.”

The college will host a similar event in the next few weeks, when male members of staff will discuss their career experiences.

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