1. A ‘voice of further education’ since 1996
3. Shane Chowen led to campaign to keep it
5. Quickly scrapped whilst waiting for Wolf
7. Prepare to be inspected, at all times
10. £31m in 2011-12 via Skills Funding Agency
11. Australian import based on GTA model
12. The opposite would be in work or training
14. Reform programme Oct 2008 to Dec 2010
16. Do learners know their 10 digit numeric?
18. Level 4 and above, mainly academic
19. Rules of Combination proving complicated
20. Funding currency introduced in 2008/09
22. It’s like number 16, but 8 digits for colleges
25. Renaissance of English and Maths exam
27. LAD undergoing a sex change for 2011/12
29. Selling vocational training to employers
30. Determines need for a Notice to Improve
32. Systematic monitoring and evaluation
33. The new rules governing Frameworks

2. Training scheme in and out of prisons
3. Seems neccessary for community cohesion
4. Lifelong learning in the workplace
6. Sits on Bravo Solutions creating confusion
8. See number 20 and multiply by 450
9. The place to return learner data, for now
13. Logo to be erased from BDU letter-heads
14. Guardian of IiP since April 2010
15. Part of Adult Safeguarded Learning budget
17. Got 5000 or more employees? Lets talk
21. Managing new £2.25m Big Society funding
23. Alternative to traditional certification
24. Phased out after introduction of number 33
25. Last one awarded in 2007. Long live BTEC
26. Still waiting for BIS to publish an ESOL one
28. Potential for exemption if already learnt
31. Core component of a 14-19 Diploma line


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