Seventeen current ESOL learners at Uxbridge College have given presentations about their countries of origin to fellow learners as part of an annual event celebrating the college community.

Students from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Kurdistan, Somalia, Syria, Egypt and Vietnam shared their experiences of growing up outside of the UK, and taught their peers to say hello in their native languages at the Unity 2018 event, which encourages learners to find out about each other’s backgrounds.

Over the course of the four days of the event, the group also delivered presentations on the political systems, landmarks, interesting facts and popular dishes from their countries.

“For those who have been raised in the UK and grown up in peacetime with rights like a democratic vote, access to education regardless of gender, and laws to protect everyone’s human rights, it can be a real eye-opener to find out that there are so many people of their age who have not been able to take these things for granted,” said Claire Beale, the college’s course team leader for ELT young learners. “It was great to see English speakers learning foreign languages as well as the reverse.”

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