Emily Chapman has been re-elected as the representative for further education at the National Union of Students.

She won 61 per cent of the vote on day two of NUS National Conference in Glasgow, and has retained her position as NUS vice-president (further education) until the end of 2018/19.

This is her second year in the post, after she was first elected into the role last April, as replacement for Shakira Martin, who has been re-elected NUS president.

“When you elected me as your vice-president further education last year, I made a promise to get the FE and college voice loud and proud, both in NUS and across the sector,” Ms Chapman told delegates.

“That is exactly what I have been doing, and what I will continue to do in my second term. “I will continue to fight for all forms of further education to be free and accessible, I will campaign to reduce travel costs with the #MyFEJourney campaign, and lobby for FE maintenance grants to be introduced, and ensure FE is remembered whenever we talk of loans and fees.”

Her second term will officially begin on July 1.

Ms Chapman had been Leeds City College student union president when she beat challenger Myriam Kane, who had served as union president at Lewisham Southwark College, to secure her first year in the post at last year’s annual conference in Brighton.

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