Colleges and training providers in the fourth wave of the T Level rollout are being invited to bid for a slice of £150 million to help upgrade their facilities.

The capital fund, reopened today, is being made available to those that will offer the new technical qualifications from 2023. It follows previous funds that totalled £38 million for wave one, £95 million for wave two, and £135 million for wave three.

Winning bidders can use the cash to upgrade classrooms and buildings, as well as to pay for specialist kit that meet industry standards.

The first three T Levels – the technical equivalent to A-levels – in construction, digital and education and childcare were launched in September 2020.

A further seven were made available from 2021 in subjects including health, science and onsite construction and subjects including finance, media and legal will be introduced from 2022 and 2023.

As previously revealed by FE Week, colleges and training providers will have to keep on running T Levels for at least 20 years if they want to avoid handing back the millions they will receive in capital funding.

Forty four providers are in wave one of T Levels delivery. A further 64 will begin offering the qualifications in 2021, and a further 88 have been chosen for wave three beginning in 2022.

All providers delivering 16 to 19 study programmes will be able to deliver T Levels from 2024.

The deadline for bids to the wave four capital fund is 26 March 2021.

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