This evening the Department for Education has published guidance on remote education. Click here.

FE providers have until 18 January to comply with the guidance.

It reads: “So that students (and parents of students aged 19 and below) know what to expect of their FE provider if they need to self-isolate or local restrictions require them to remain at home, you should publish your remote education offer on your website by 18 January.

“The information you should publish could include:

  • what remote education will be made available for different learner cohorts (14 to 16, 16 to 19, apprentices, adult learners)
  • delivery arrangements, such as timetabling, virtual learning environments and assessment arrangements
  • expectations of students
  • arrangements for students studying courses that require specialist equipment or facilities
  • support for students without devices, connectivity or a suitable environment for learning support for students with SEND”

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