Learners have been sending thank-you cards to their favourite former high school teachers, as part of a college’s mental health and wellbeing programme.

Students at Birkenhead Sixth-Form College have been writing to their old teachers at secondary schools across the Wirral to thank them for their support and share their own achievements post-16.

The cards were sent as part of the college’s BePART (Be Positive, Ambitious, Resilient, Thoughtful) programme, a course devised by psychologists within the staff, which encourages healthy eating habits, teaches relaxation techniques and boosts students’ overall wellbeing.

“Showing gratitude has been proven to make a significant impact on a person’s outlook on life, and such a simple thing can go a long way,” said Mike Kilbride, the college principal. “It’s such a show of appreciation for the entire teaching profession and proves that what we all do, day-in and day-out, matters so much to the next generation.”

One student got in touch with their former English teacher at Woodchurch High School to say: “I believe everyone has a teacher who they always remember because of the impact they had on them. You are that teacher to me. Thank you for everything.”

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