A college is donating radio broadcasting equipment to a remote village in west Africa so they can set up a local community radio station.

The equipment, currently owned by the Heart of Worcestershire College, will be donated to residents in the Gambian village of Kwinella to enable them to communicate more easily.

The donation was the idea of the college’s security officer, Lamin Sanneh (pictured left), who visits the village each year to see his mother.

Now, Mr Sanneh is working out a way to train the villagers to use and set up the equipment ready for its arrival in the Gambia in four to five weeks’ time.

 “I’ve had the idea of running a facility that will enable the people of my community to communicate with each other when there are no other means of doing so,” said Mr Sanneh

“Setting this station up will mean so much to the local community. I am so grateful to the college who have donated the radio broadcasting equipment to enable me to fulfil this ambition.”

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