Chesterfield College has embraced the latest developments in creative technologies by incorporating iPads into its Art and Design directorate.

Both Pupils from Tibshelf and Lady Manners Schools, as well as creative professionals from the local area, attended special events at the college to showcase the technology in action.

One of the world’s leading iPad artists and art lecturer at the college, Mik Godley, was on hand to demonstrate how to use the technology to digitally create artwork such as sketched life drawing and landscapes.

Also in attendance were specialist ‘Apple Educators’ who demonstrated a wide range of creative applications the iPad offers, from 3D imaging to music production.

Head of art and design at Chesterfield College Jeremy Asquith said: “I noticed many of our students are carrying and/or using mobile digital technology to record visual responses. These will be the sketchbooks of the future.

“If we don’t keep ahead our curriculum will not be current and we will be failing the students. We wanted to look at the relationship between traditional techniques and future trends to see how they can work together.”

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