Colleges Week saw students turn the tables on senior staff at Central Sussex College, when the Principal, Dr Russell Strutt, and his Executive Team returned to the classroom to ‘Have a Go’ at learning some new skills.

Dr Strutt and Executive Director for HR and Communications, Jenny Poore, got hot under the collar when they tried their hand at Blacksmithing in their first session and ‘kneaded’ to really pay attention when their second session saw them preparing bread rolls and duchesse potatoes for the College’s training Restaurant, Le Cordon Vert.

Meanwhile Deputy Principals, Suri Araniyasundaran and Adrian Dodwell, donned their tunics and headed off to the College’s Intuition Salon to be taught the art of manicure.  Two brave students were filed, buffed and polished – with mixed results!  Their second session saw them don overalls and work boots and head to the brick workshop where they were taught how to mix and handle mortar, and how to lay a brick wall.

The Colleges Week activity was a real eye-opener for both staff and students, with all four leaders discovering new talents, and the students who taught them showing real expertise and confidence.

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