Experts in Hedgehog care gathered at Hartpury College for an event promoting the animals’ welfare.

The Hedgehog Rehabilitation Symposium event attracted over 90 delegates from more than 35 different organisations, including wildlife hospitals and the British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, who shared their tips on how to care for wild hedgehogs.

Sessions included presentations on the status of Britain’s hedgehog population, a talk from Nigel Reeve, the author of Hedgehogs, as well as a session with veterinary pathologist Alex Barlow, who dissected hedgehogs that had died in care to examine their cause of death.

“Hedgehog rehabilitation is largely funded by volunteers, giving up their time and money to care for sick and injured hedgehogs across the country,” said Lucy Bearman-Brown, a senior lecturer at Hartpury, and lead organiser of the event.

“To draw 90 delegates from so many organisations together was a fantastic opportunity to debate controversial issues, and explore ways we can work together to support best practice.”

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