A student put his skills to the test after rescuing a 90-year-old pensioner.

Dalian Lacey (17), from Totton, who is studying Public Services at Totton College, found the man unconscious on the ground whilst he was on his paper round.

It transpired the man had fallen from his roof whilst trying to carry out a repair and had been on the ground all night.

Dalian is a member of the Army Cadets and his training kicked in by immediately administering first aid, getting the man to his feet, making sure he was warm and secure in his home and then calling an ambulance.

He stayed and waited for the paramedics to arrive, before the pensioner was taken to hospital.

Dalian said: “I just acted upon instinct, I saw someone who needed help, I didn’t realise at the time he was minutes from being in a really serious life threatening situation.

“It’s a great feeling knowing that you’ve helped save a life.”

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