We have already had more than 200 entries from 40 colleges, but it is not too late to apply

September enrolment is an exciting time of the year. Thousands of fresh faces take up their favourite courses to improve their skills, knowledge and career opportunities.

But we know there are many other reasons for why students are attracted to further education.

So FE Week has set up a competition to share some of these fantastic stories (see Eddy’s below).

We are asking students to send in an article with 500 words or less explaining what brought them to college, along with their hopes, fears and aspirations. It’s a great way for students not only to express their feelings about the courses they’ve enrolled in, but how they’ll help meet their goals for the future. We also think that it is perfect for breaking the ice on their first day.

Every student works harder with a little cash incentive.  Shortlisted submissions will be in with the chance of winning a brand new Macbrook Pro – arguably the perfect laptop for studying, working on demanding projects and checking e-mails. Or, if they prefer, we’ve got £1,000 in John Lewis vouchers to give away.

All entries must be e-mailed to feweekandme@feweek.co.uk by September 30, 2011. We’ll then select eight entries for a shortlist and publish them on the FE Week website (www.feweek.co.uk). Readers will then be able to read each submission and vote for who they think should be the winner.

To help spread the word and get students involved with FE Week and me, we’ve designed a poster for you to put up in college corridors, cafeterias and classrooms. You can request as many posters as you like via our SurveyMonkey here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FE-Week-and-me-poster-request

Entry from Eddy Bacon, aged 16

“I started my course, BTEC National Extended Diploma in Performing Arts (Acting), on Wednesday 7th September.

So I want to be an actor right? Wrong! I want to be a juggler! I know, so why am I doing an acting course? I’m here to learn performance skills and to gain confidence on the stage.  When my course finishes I’m debating between going to The Circus Space, a contemporary circus school in London or doing another FE course while it’s free

Why did I choose City College Norwich? I chose this college because I heard great things about the acting course here. When I came to the audition, I fell in love with the colleges performing arts facilities; I felt my tutors, Nick and Ade would be great people to work with, I was right!

I’m really hoping to do well at this course and I will be aiming for distinction grade overall, I think it will be hard work, but definitely worth it. The main thing that worried me about college was that, I would know nobody on my course, I’m very lucky as my class is great and everyone is very friendly, so now that fear has vanished.

If you see me around juggling, feel free to come say hello.

I don’t bite, promise.”



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