Two aspiring makeup artists have had work experience on a new comedy series starring Jonny Vegas, Mackenzie Crook and Emma Thompson.

Middlebrough College makeup artistry students Aimie Carr, 19, and Emma Dodds (pictured), 17, spent several days working on the set of the new production, which has not yet been revealed to the public, honing the skills acquired on their level three advanced technical diploma.

The pair also experienced the challenges of makeup continuity and a demanding filming schedule.

Following their placement, Benidorm star Johnny Vegas has requested their skills for another shoot taking place in the north-east.

“It’s very easy for students to get star struck in situations like this, particularly as the crew work, eat lunch and relax with the cast,” said Heather Ferguson, the college’s hair and media makeup course leader who organised the placement. “This didn’t phase Aimie and Emma, and they showed total professionalism at all times.”

Emma added: “It was a fantastic experience to be able to work on a real production, and it’s confirmed to me that a career in media makeup is exciting and rewarding.”

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