Archaeology students in the North West have enjoyed a cracking hands-on practical session as part of their college course.

The second year A-Level group at South Cheshire College were given broken pots of different shapes and sizes and had the task of restoring them to their former glory using reconstruction techniques.

Peter Scott from Sourdust Pottery in Stocksfield, Northumberland made the pottery especially for students to use during the session.

Dr Jonathan Hills, lecturer at the college, said the session was an excellent opportunity to see how archaeologists work out in the field.

“The session focussed on acquainting the students with the techniques that archaeologists use to reconstruct vessels from archaeological sites.”

Student Ashley Philips, 17, of Wrenbury, said: “This was a really interesting session and as well as being able to handle pottery it also gave us the chance to see how archaeologists work to piece together the past. Some pots were harder than others to piece back together but it was an excellent challenge.”

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