In case you were in any doubt, the reforms to the apprenticeship system are complex.

You might think that there would be one single place that you could access to get all the information you would need, but there isn’t (unless you include but not all the documents are on one page or even linked together). So we’ve created that one-stop shop for you.

Here is a complete listing of the relevant documents, spreadsheets and webpages that relate to apprenticeship funding, apprenticeship providers and the levy. It covers provider documents, employer-providers and employers. It’s the complete reference library.

Key government documents

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Apprenticeship funding and performance management rules 2017 to 2018

The rules that will apply to all apprenticeship provision funded by the SFA following the introduction of the apprenticeship levy.

Apprenticeship funding: legal agreement to enable spending

Employer agreement with the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) to pay training providers to carry out apprenticeship training.

Apprenticeship funding bands

Sets out the funding bands that will apply for existing apprenticeship frameworks and apprenticeship standards.

Apprenticeship funding from May 2017

How apprenticeship funding for employers will work, including details of funding bands and the apprenticeship levy.

Apprenticeship technical funding guide

Details of the funding system used for apprenticeship frameworks and standards from 1 May 2017.

ILR guides and templates for 2016 to 2017

Guidance to help providers meet the requirements for ILR data returns.

Key government webpages

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Apprenticeship funding: how it will work

Paying the apprenticeship levy

Apprenticeship levy manual

Managing apprenticeships

Estimate your apprenticeship funding

Find apprenticeship training

Registers and lists

Guidance for the provider data staff

ILR specification, validation rules and appendices 2016 to 2017

Technical documents that define the ILR data that publicly funded providers must collect and return including ILR data returns calendar for 2016.

Apprenticeship service bulk upload specification

Technical documents for the apprentice bulk upload facility for training providers to use in the apprenticeship service.

ILR guides and templates for 2016 to 2017

Guidance to help providers meet the requirements for ILR data returns.

feconnect: online forum to talk about funding and data issues

Online forum administered by the Skills Funding Agency.

SFA digital

A blog about how the Skills Funding Agency is transforming its digital services.

Skills Funding Agency: update

Business-critical information for Skills Funding Agency providers.


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