A college’s equine department has taken in a rescue horse for the very first time.

Noo-Noo, named after the Teletubbies character, was one of five ponies rescued by the RSPCA in a roadside abandonment case, and will be rehomed at Askham Bryan College’s Middlesbrough campus.

The new addition will be valuable for animal care and management students, who will learn how to help the horse settle in to a new environment and prepare the animal for a more permanent home over the course of year.

“The students are producing regular reports on the health and progress of Noo-Noo, and it is hoped that the experience encourages the students to help other horses and ponies that may be in need,” explained Catherine Fairburn (pictured), a lecturer and level three equine course manager.

“Students must handle the pony to ensure it picks its feet up, can be led and groomed as well as being involved with feeding and routine health treatments.”

Noo-Noo will share a home with three Shetland ponies, who are permanent residents of the campus.

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