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Advertorial: We believe in small change, big difference

Workpays engages in projects that make big differences a reality – and always starts by asking the people that matter questions about what matters to them

The most important question we ask is whether students are better equipped for work by their time at college. It’s also the reason why we have developed a suite of teaching and learning materials that are aimed at improving the performance of staff within a quality framework.

This is not in isolation; our delivery maps to units within the IAG, employment related services (ERS), customer service, and sales and marketing.  Independent training providers, welfare to work providers and FE colleges can see an improvement in their outcomes as a consequence of accessing this training for their staff.

Evidence of how a  small change made a big difference to one of Workpays clients is demonstrated by Scott Parkin FIEP, director of employment at Advance Housing and Support Ltd who said: “We are delighted with the initial impact of the employment–related services programme being delivered by Workpays.  In the first month we have seen our job outcomes increase seven-fold, which is a real positive for the team and, of course, our customers.  The programme has raised our performance levels and has exceeded our expectations and has certainly justified our investment.”

Workpays provide a competency-based programme tailored to organisation and personal job roles to improve performance and build new skills following national standards in ERS. The programmes are delivered to reduce off-the-job time and support staff in real-time situations to provide a programme that is both cost and time effective.

Working with Workpays increased job entries seven fold”

Workpays are also a licensed delivery partner of the Digital Youth Academy (DYA), an organisation that has built up a network of FE colleges and training providers to deliver its cutting edge and innovative social and digital media products.

The programmes currently on offer are a level one social digital routeway (SDR) and a full level two social digital apprenticeship.  Both these programmes were developed in partnership with the awarding organisation, Edexcel.

The SDR centres on a level one diploma and is designed as a classroom-based programme that can be delivered either part-time or full-time through the current foundation learning funding stream or moving forward under the new study programme banner.

Workpays began delivery of the level one programme to a cohort of NEET learners in February from within the Custard Factory in Birmingham.

As a progression pathway from the SDR, the social digital apprenticeship is a full level two apprenticeship that is predominantly delivered in the workplace through innovative e-learning.

During the programme, learners are taught about topics such as social media applications for business, search engine optimisation, Google Analytics and blogging. If better performance of employability and skills destinations matters to you or you’re interested in adding DYA Work Study Programme to your learner offer get in touch, we’re all ears. Go online at, call us on 07572 262013 or email us at

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