The Car repair students at Newcastle College put their skills to work by restoring a classic car in aid of charity.

Level two students studying the diploma in vehicle accident body repair principles restored the 1960s Rover 100 which is now ready to be sent to auction, where it will raise money for BEN — the motor and allied trades Benevolent fund.

The learners fixed bodywork and kept a photo diary of the work carried out, including everything from sanding off the paintwork, welding broken parts, administering filler and repainting it.

Learner Bethany Pattie, aged 18, worked on the project and has now moved on to the level three course.

She said: “We were all excited about the project because we had never done anything like it before, and we really wanted to raise money for BEN.

“We have had a mind-blowing experience. I think we have all learned a lot about ourselves, as well as each other. Seeing the Rover in its glory, all gleaming and shiny, is a wonderful feeling.”


Main pic: Student Bethany Pattie with the restored 1960s Rover 100

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