The general secretary of a leading college union who lambasted colleges for how much their principals earn was handed a £400,000 pay-off according to published accounts. 

The “post employment” payment to University and College Union boss Sally Hunt, as referred to in the UCU’s accounts, was in addition to salary, pension contributions and a car benefit. For the full year to 31 August 2018, Hunt’s basic salary was £107,448 according to the accounts

A University and College Union spokesperson told FE Week they could not comment on the settlement.

In 2018, after analysis showed a third of principals enjoyed a pay rise of more than 10 per cent in 2016/17, Hunt said those leaders who “pocket huge pay rises while pleading poverty on staff pay look greedy and hopelessly out of touch”. 

And in response to FE Week analysis in 2017 showing seventy-one college leaders had earned salaries of £150,000 or more in 2015/16, Hunt said the pay awards “show it’s one rule for staff and another for those at the top”. 

Hunt resigned from her post in February 2019 on health grounds. 

Sally Hunts remuneration, according to the UCUs 2018/19 accounts